Installation 'EGO ERECTUS' por Mario Mankey


Installation in the room number 502 in The Haus.
Temporary Show running from 1st April to 31st May 2017. Nürnbergerstrasse 68/69, Berlin, Germany.

Making of: 17 days, February 2017.

A play on the term for early humans, ego erectus is a depiction of the ego of mankind. The ego drives human beings in both macro and micro interactions, and our collectively large ego has an especially significant influence on climate change, a theme Mario Mankey often engages with. The size of the ego here can only be imagined by the viewer, as the rest of the body seems even larger than life due to our inability to see it. This imaginary body, like all others, is grounded by its feet, which tell the viewer that what we’re looking at is distinctly human.

Amanda Coulson-Drasner.